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Superior System Upgrades

You can feel secure with a newly upgraded system

System Upgrade Specifications

Is your current security system outdated? At Security Systems South, we have been providing our customers with the latest in superior system upgrades for the past 26 years. You can count on us to always have the latest available technology in the market.


Are you worried about cost? We do all we can to make upgrading your current system affordable. In most cases, you don't need a brand new system if you would rather keep and upgrade your current system.


Contact us to upgrade your system today. We also have the latest fiber optic technology.

  • We can upgrade your current system to perform to its fullest potential

  • You may not need a completely new security system by upgrading your current system you can bring it up to todays standards

  • If you purchased a security system in the last 7 years it's possible to just update the system

  • We can replace your phone line with a CDMA communicator so you can have your iphone or computer access, without a completely new system

  • Update your system and make it what you want

We offer affordable system upgrades.


Upgrade your system today. Call:

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